The results of 5 YEARS of partnership

After 5 years of collaboration with the Wayuus weavers, I am proud to share with you some of their testimonies which touched me a lot. These testimonies were collected and translated during my visits to the rancherias:

Thanks to the first bags that I made with Jeanne, my family and I were able to finish the well that we had built. We were able to buy what we needed to secure the opening of the well, and install a crank to be able to bring the water up! Thank you Jeanne !” Glenys Epinayu, Community kilometer 22 road of Maicao.

Since working with Jeanne, I have seen the quality of my weaving improve. Before I weaved quickly to sell as quickly as possible, because the people who bought my bags didn't pay me enough. Today I know the value of my work! I am proud to be part of Mazonia .” Michaela, Community of Ishien, 15 km from Manaure.

The other day, I was able to buy school supplies in advance, because I knew I was going to receive my salary for making my bag. I can finally think about the future! Heilida, Communidad de Ishoshishon, 12 km from Manaure.

I have been working with Mazonia for a long time. I was able to buy my children new clothes! When Jeanne comes, I always ask her to give us more work. Maria, Communidad de Polushira.

Among the Wayuus, we use necklaces of red stones to protect ourselves. I wanted to give it to my children as protection. Since working with Mazonia, I have been able to purchase new collars to protect my family!” Daniela, Communidad Ishoshishon.

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