From Paris to the Colombian desert, I created a committed accessories brand

The choices I made to create MAZONIA are the very consequences of my story . My experience in Indonesia in the Fast Fashion industry awakened in me the desire to contribute my grain of sand to the transition! This transition to a new world that respects the planet and the living beings that inhabit it.

I went to meet each actor I work with today. It is essential for me to create a sincere, healthy and respectful bond with each of them.

Let me explain to you how I act on the ground every day:


The first thing that concerns me is the well-being of the craftsman with whom I work (to read their testimony, click here).

This involves three essential elements:

  • Fair and regular remuneration
  • the conservation of its ancestral know-how
  • the freedom to work according to your pace of life

Let me explain how I maintain these goals. First of all, I chose to only produce small quantities and unique pieces. This allows them to keep the pleasure of making and to be able to maintain their traditions.

To support their financial independence, MAZONIA pays Wayuus weavers 3 times more than what they are normally paid on site. My intention is to give power back to women by promoting their know-how.

To ensure that my commitments are maintained, I pay each craftsman directly, without an intermediary.

I can already hear you asking me how I manage to pay artisans in the middle of the desert?

And yes you are not dreaming… I travel with my team in the depths of the Colombian desert to the doorstep of the weaving communities. My intention is to integrate into their traditions and respect their rhythm of life.

A collaboration between French ELEGANCE and Colombian traditions

Who can resist the charm of beautiful things? You will tell me, tastes and colors, can we really agree?

This may be true, but as French people, what often characterizes us is our elegant and discreet style.

I've been a stylist for 10 years, and throughout all my travels, I've developed a large library of inspiration!

MAZONIA preserves French elegance and mixes it with the ancestral know-how of Wayuus women. If you look closely at these bags, you will undoubtedly see the Caribbean sun, and the joy of living of the weavers!

Why am I talking about collaboration ?

We design the bags together. About half of the patterns are traditional Wayuu designs, and I am proud to be able to explain the meaning to you. The rest of the designs come from my imagination: the design of the body of the bag is my design, while the bottom is imagined by the weaver herself.
This freedom allows him to tell his story, express his thoughts and thus keep Wayuus traditions alive. In this article , I explain in a little more detail the spiritual value behind a Wayuu mochila .

PROXIMITY in all my approach

5 years ago, I decided to settle in Colombia to be closer to the artisans with whom I collaborated, and thus establish transparency and traceability of Mazonia's production stages.

By traveling directly to their living spaces, I was able to build a relationship of trust with the Wayuus artisans. These people live scattered across hectares of desert. Transportation to their homes is one of the biggest challenges they face on a daily basis in getting supplies and moving to the nearest cities. It therefore seemed obvious to me that I would be the one to travel to their communities to facilitate our exchanges and of course cover these logistics costs.

My intentions are to support the Wayuus by creating jobs in their villages and thus fight against the rural exodus. In this article, I address the issues that the Wayuus face.

All the accessories that are added to the mochilas (label, closure, pocket, etc.) are entirely sourced in Colombia. I really wanted to create a product with them that highlights Colombian culture.

If you want to know more, do not hesitate to send me an e-mail at, I will be happy to discuss this project with you.

With much love ♡


Quel beau reportage sur 50 mn insade
Je vous admire de faire travailler ces merveilleuses petites mains et de faire découvrir ces trésors de la Colombie
Je suis veuve depuis peu et m’intéresse beaucoup à des reportages spéciaux comme le vôtre cela me réconforte
Continuer et je vous achèterai certainement vos merveilles
Mme Marie Laure Monteau

Monteau Marie Laure December 16, 2023

J ai acheté votre sac camilo. Je l’adore ! Et savoir d’où il vient et qui il supporte me rend fière de le porter au quotidien.

Bonne chance Jeanne, vous êtes un exemple pour moi !

Claire December 05, 2022

Très belle initiative ! J’ai découvert ce projet sur Ulule et je le suis avec plaisir depuis, quelle joie et quel plaisir de le voir prospérer avec de si belles valeurs !

Vanessa December 05, 2022

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