Mazonia goes on M6

Relive the report on Mazonia and N'Go Shoes at 7:45 p.m. on M6, in a topic on Ethical Fashion!

Seeing our brand on the screen of several thousand people is of course a real success. But above all, it is also living proof that ethical and responsible fashion is taking off.

Thank you for your support and for consuming in an increasingly responsible manner, each effort is one step closer for our planet #slowfashion

How did we get the chance to be chosen by the M6 ​​team?

As part of the launch of our new site / new collection / new production concept, our great communications intern sent a press release to Nathalie Renoux, the presenter of 19.45 on M6.

Following this, we had the great fortune to welcome him to our press launch party. She bought a Wayuu bag there: the beautiful Camilo!
During the days that followed,
she was often stopped in the corridors of M6 to find out where the bag came from, which made her decide to write a story about these enigmatic bags...

M6 thus presented Mazonia for a 19.45 report on ethical fashion, Sunday March 17, 2019!

It was a real tsunami that started that Sunday evening!
We were overwhelmed with orders for Colombian bags and bracelets, I was able to see live "7,300 users on" (while normally the average is 50 visitors..per day!)

I was on the verge of fainting, refreshing the order counter every second which kept increasing. It was surreal!
This is proof that ethical fashion is reaching more and more people and that’s excellent news!

This report was an incredible opportunity that pushes us to surpass ourselves even more for Colombian artisans.

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