All the answers to your questions are there.

Some numbers :

  • 30,000 km traveled to unearth the best of Colombian craftsmanship
  • 30 Native American communities supported
  • Already 16 bags designed for you

How does Mazonia work?

Our concept is simple: Pre-order .
In this way, we reverse the usual order Production > Sales.

Creation of the Prototype Pre-order Manufacturing Delivery

Step Uno: Find the craft treasure

Handcrafted production of a Colombian Wayuu bag Miguel
Whether Amazonian, desert or mountainous, we travel the Colombian roads. For what ? You will unearth the crème de la crème of traditional know-how.

Step Back: Product Launch

Colombian Miguel bag for pre-order

Starting signal !
Pre-orders are open on our site for a given time.
Today Mazonia opens the doors to the Wayuu Native American ethnic group and their “mochila” shoulder bags.

Step Tres: Manufacturing

Weaver Wayuu makes a Miguel bag by hand

During manufacturing, the artisans show you everything about their community or workshop. In photos and videos, you follow step by step the making of your handcrafted accessory. Be careful, the unique Mazonia pieces are 100% handmade in Colombia using ancestral techniques. It might be beautiful...

Stage Four: Delivery

Depending on your responsiveness, you will be delivered 1 to 4 months after pre-orders close. For our part, we keep you informed non-stop on the progress of your cargo. Of yours, a little photo of your new fashion accessory is a pleasure.
Wayuu mochila bag photographs

Finally, Mazonia is

A reasoned fashion

Thanks to pre-orders, we only make what is requested; no more no less. We thus avoid waste and overproduction.

Short circuits

We go directly to Colombia to deal with the artisans. They thus ensure traceability and fair remuneration. No more countless intermediaries leaving manufacturers with paltry recognition and remuneration.

Safeguarding South American traditions

Mazonia encourages the maintenance of culture through work and the practice of ancestral crafts.

So let's go ?