If Jeanne had not taken this sabbatical year in 2016 , she would not have met the Wayuus, a people from northeastern Colombia. She would not have discovered the magnificent colorful bags woven by these people. She would not have continued her journey to Colombia to meet exceptional artisans such as: Duvis, Benecia, Trino... If Jeanne had found a job upon returning to France, she would not have launched this entrepreneurial project . If she had not been aware of the harmful effects of Fast Fashion, she would not have wanted to create a committed and ethical fashion brand with a direct and positive impact on the lives of these artisans. Finally, if this project did not appeal to you, you would not be reading us to find out more about this crazy adventure, in which you are now a part!


Here is a brief presentation of the fantastic encounters that Jeanne has had throughout her travels. Let's go together to discover these unique Colombian know-how and come meet the artisans with whom we co-create Mazonia.

The crafts of the WAYUUS people

Origin: La Guajira, Northeast Colombia

Community: Wayuu

Our weavers, such as Nelly, Maira, and Glenys live in the La Guajira desert. It is from their rancheria (name given to their place of life) that they make the superb wayuus mochila bags. Their unique know-how is passed down from generation to generation, from mother to daughter. The patterns of each mochila represent their history, their path of life and also all the nature that surrounds them. The roundness of the bag represents the mother's womb. This meticulous work begins in a spiral and the bag will be woven in one piece all the way to the top. Each shoulder strap and mochila bottom is entirely invented by the weaver, and symbolizes her personal signature. A mochila will take between 7 and 15 days of work, depending on the technique used.

Jeanne with the Wayuu weavers in La Guajira, Colombia

We also work with Ketty, Didier and Diana, a Wayuu family with whom we co-create magnificent yoga straps, pouches and key rings. These are brand new products made in accordance with Wayuu know-how. It is to support their family, and continue to finance everyone's studies, that they create these little wonders together!

Diana, Kitty & Didier

WOVEN bracelets

Origin: Medellin countryside, Antioquia, Colombia

It is from their homes, outside the factories, that these Colombian housewives weave our pretty bracelets on portable looms. Under good conditions and remunerated commensurate with their talent, it is a system which allows them true economic, family and social emancipation. Without the need for a rural exodus, they preserve this unique know-how from their home.

Some designs are created by the weavers, and others are imagined by Jeanne. A lovely work of co-creation to create these magnificent 100% hand-woven bracelets.

The technique used is an ancestral technique called “card weaving”. It takes its name from the cardboard inserts used to create the designs. Traces of card weaving dating back to 600 BCE have been discovered. The technique has, to this day, never changed.

Here is Luisa, with whom we make the famous Franco-Colombian bracelets:

The Taller of PIÑA

Origin: Riohacha, Guajira, Northeast Colombia

It is at the Piña (pineapple in Spanish) family sewing workshop that the pockets and labels are placed inside the Mazonia mochilas. Always favoring the know-how of local artisans and for 100% Colombian manufacturing, we have chosen for the last details before the journey of your mochilas to France this magnificent family taller where every detail is made “with mucho amor”.

Piña's sewing workshop, Mazonia artisan

This is a journey to the heart of our values, presenting to you in complete transparency, each artisan partner with whom we collaborate with great respect and sincerity.

With much love,