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Over the past five years, we have formed magical connections with various artisans in Colombia. They generously opened their doors to us, shared their know-how, and together, we created what you will discover in this box

The box contains:

  • A bracelet woven with care by women from the Medellin region, using the traditional card technique [Region: Antioquia, Colombia ] - Colors: Black, beige & gold - Size: 5 mm wide, adjustable to all wrists
  • A micro mochila hand crocheted with love by the talented women of the Wayuu people [Region: La Guajira, Colombia ] - Colors: Cream, powder pink, ice brown, black & gold - Size: 17 cm x 11 cm
  • A wallet meticulously woven on an authentic artisan loom by a talented Wayuu artisan [Region: La Guajira, Colombia ] - Colors: Cream, powder pink, glossy brown, black & gold - Size 12 cm x 8 cm
  • A box delicately made by Colombian women from the town of Usiacuri. This box is made from iraca palm leaves, reflecting the authentic craftsmanship of this region [Region: Atlántico , Colombia ] - Size: 17 cm x 9 cm
  • 3 Palo Santo incense sticks . It is an aromatic “sacred wood” used for centuries for its spiritual and medicinal properties.

What makes this box so special is the extraordinary human story behind each handcrafted piece.

The woven bracelet that you will discover in this box has brought a significant change in the lives of women in the Medellín region . Once engaged in back-breaking labor on banana and coffee plantations, they now have the opportunity to weave these beautiful bracelets from the comfort of their homes. This bracelet represents not only a beautiful accessory, but also a story of transformation and empowerment.

Talented Wayuus weavers are paid commensurate with their immense talent, and thanks to Mazonia, they now have stable work that helps them support their families.

As for Didier , the designer of the purses , he finances his studies thanks to his collaboration with Mazonia.

By choosing this box , you are also supporting Marleby , an expert palm leaf weaver from Iraca who made the basket.

Your purchase helps preserve and celebrate the art of these talented artisans.

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✔️ What is the delivery time for PRE-ORDER bags?

For mochila bags , it will take 2 and a half months maximum to receive it at your home.
During these 2 and a half months, you follow the entire process of making your bag with Jeanne from Colombia (regular follow-up by email).

✔️  What is the delivery time for STOCK and UNIQUE PIECES items?

Products in stock will be delivered to you between 5 to 10 working days .

✔️ You have 30 days from your delivery date to change your mind ;)

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The story of Mazonia began with Jeanne's encounter with Wayuu crafts, in the heart of the Colombian desert of La Guajira. It’s a real favorite for the women weavers who make superb mochilas : Glenis, Yomaira, Danilsa, to name a few.

Since then, through encounters and crushes, the story has been enriched with other local crafts and other artisans, still in Colombia.

Every collaboration begins with a connection and the mutual desire to work together. From there, a dialogue begins to write a common story, directly with the craftsman, without any other intermediary.

With much love ♡

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