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Explore the magic of Mazonia

This box is an open door to the cultural and human treasures of Colombia, woven with passion by talented artisans. By holding this box in your hands, you hold more than just a set of objects, you hold an authentic fragment of the magic of Mazonia.

A Unique Cultural Journey 

Over the past five years, my journey has guided me towards exceptional Colombian artisans. Their know-how, their generous hospitality, and their good humor are found in each piece of this box. It embodies my commitment to supporting local communities while sharing the cultural richness of Colombia with the world.

From Crafts to Magic of Mazonia

Each element of this box testifies to the dedication and talent of Mazonia artisans.

Before revealing the contents of this box, allow me to tell you about the design itself. Marleby, a weaver from the town of Usiacuri, located in northern Colombia, made this box with infinite delicacy. Using wire and undyed iraca palm leaves, she created a box that perfectly reflects the authenticity of the craftsmanship of her region.

Inside, you will discover a bracelet finely woven by the women of the Medellin region, using the traditional card weaving technique. These women, formerly employed in banana and coffee fields, carried out low-paid physical work. Thanks to these bracelets, they can now weave from home, have control of their schedule and continue to take care of their children.

The mochila contained in this box is hand crocheted with love by the talented women of the Wayuu people with whom I have collaborated since the beginning of this project. Weaving is much more than a skill, it represents a transmission of knowledge, a tradition passed down from mother to daughter. The round shape of the mochila symbolizes the maternal womb, the origin of life, a primordial symbol among the Wayuu people.

The purse, meticulously woven on an authentic artisanal loom by a Wayuu artisan, uses the same weaving as that of the mochila straps, diverted and transformed into a practical accessory.

To pay homage to the people of the Sierra Nevada, I added a few "Palo Santo" incense sticks. This sacred wood, used for centuries for its spiritual and medicinal properties, is renowned for blocking bad energies. A small symbolic gesture to complete this one-of-a-kind box set.

Ethics at the Heart of Every Thread

At Mazonia, my commitment to ethics is unwavering. Each of the partner artisans is paid well beyond the usual standards, thus offering them a dignified life thanks to their craftsmanship. By opening this box, you directly support these talents, contributing to the preservation of ancestral traditions.

Conclusion: Be part of History

I invite you to explore, feel, and be part of Mazonia's history. With each product you acquire, you join this mission to preserve these traditions while creating a positive impact in the lives of Colombian artisans.

Join me on this unique journey.

With much love,


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