From doubt to success

This morning, I experienced an extraordinary moment: I was invited to TendanceOUEST, the local radio station in my dear Normandy. We talked about MAZONIA! It's incredible to realize that my project has attracted media interest.
It all started after my year-long trip to South America. I returned to Normandy with an idea that never left me: to create a brand of ethical bags in collaboration with a Native American people, in the heart of a desert in Colombia. MAZONIA was born. I not only wanted to create and design bags, but also to support local artisans, preserve their ancestral know-how and promote ethical values. It was a bold dream that would change my life.
Five years later, MAZONIA is enjoying thriving success. Thanks to this project, more than 50 weavers and their families now benefit from fair income for their crafts. Furthermore, I am proud that MAZONIA plays an important role in creating jobs for Luisa, Ketty, Hedibeth, Kellys, Rafael and Maria-Clara, who are six Colombians who actively work within the company.
However, behind this assertive will, I had to fight against my own shyness and the doubt that assailed me. It has been more than six months, I postponed sending a simple press release, describing the foundations of MAZONIA and accompanied by some evocative photos. Fear of failure and imposter syndrome paralyzed me. But I realized that if I wanted to move forward with my project, I had to get out of my comfort zone.
One morning, I took a deep breath and finally sent my precious PDF to several media outlets and magazines, including the local radio station in my hometown. And then the unexpected happened! Less than 24 hours after sending, I received two responses: one from Tendance OUEST radio and one from the newspaper Ouest-France. I was moved and excited at the same time. These responses confirmed that resolute action is often rewarded.
This experience taught me a valuable lesson: don't wait for perfection before taking action. I realized that doubts and negative thoughts only held me back. I was concerned about how others looked at me. I wondered if it was self-serving to contact a journalist and ask if they would be inspired to write about my story.
Today I want to share this moment of joy and gratitude with you. I managed to overcome my shyness and my doubts to move my project forward. I am grateful to Tendance OUEST for this passage and this beautiful article written by Thibault Lecoq.
I am also delighted to announce that La Manche libre, another media outlet in my region, contacted me again. At the end of July, an article dedicated to Mazonia will be released! La Manche libre is the leading regional weekly newspaper in France, with a circulation of more than 58,000 copies. So, that’s nice! This is a fantastic opportunity to introduce Mazonia to a wider audience!
My story is an invitation to all those who dream of achieving their ambitions: dare to step out of your comfort zone, believe in yourself and act with determination. Success can be at the end of the road, even if the obstacles seem insurmountable.
With much love,

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