I created an impactful brand

The story of Mazonia begins in Indonesia, I had obtained a position as a stylist in a large industry. One day, I found myself in the middle of a production factory full of exhausted men and women who were mass-producing an astronomical quantity of clothes. We were doing “Fast Fashion”: that is to say, fashion at lower financial and human costs!

That day, I made the best decision of my life : to leave this facet of fashion and found a company that is committed and respectful of its employees. I wanted to be part of the solution and not the problem.

After a year of traveling alone in Latin America, in search of a new project. I fell under the spell of Colombian culture and more particularly of the La Guajira region, a desert in the north of the country.

Today, for 5 years, MAZONIA has been offering fashion accessories resulting from an alliance between Colombian know-how and French design. MAZONIA's iconic accessory is its famous “mochila” which means bag in Spanish.

I have also lived in Riohacha, the capital of La Guajira, for 5 years, to promote the know-how of Wayuus women.

Working with the WAYUUS community is a real daily challenge.

Between the language barrier, extreme weather conditions and traditions, my daily life is very dynamic. Thanks to my commitment to the WAYUUS communities, and my perseverance, I managed to demonstrate to the WAYUUS that my approach is sincere.

I managed to make Mazonia a committed and transparent brand. I regularly share on my social networks the reality on the ground as well as my daily victories. Every month, I connect live from Colombia to present the new collections, and tell you who is behind each bag!

Mazonia brings together those who believe in the power of craftsmanship and want to stand out.

In a few words ? My name is Jeanne, I am a French stylist and I founded MAZONIA to revalorize the know-how of a disappearing people, reconnect with the energy value hidden behind each object and thus offer a solution to the uniform and irresponsible fashion of today.

With much love,


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