The LIVE of Unique Pieces

See you on Friday April 24, 2020 at 6 p.m.

Today we are breaking the codes of mass industry with a special operation!

LIVE of pieces _ _ _ unique _


Friday April 24 at 6 p.m., join us for our first Live Shopping LIVE on the Facebook or Instagram page .

Jeanne will present to you a selection of new Colombian bags, designed and made in a single copy! We will never remanufacture models with the same colors and patterns.

Just after the live, find your favorite at the preferential rate for 3 days on Your Wayuu mochila will be sent to your home within 3 weeks.

Live SHOPPING Mazonia

Why do we do this?

At Mazonia, we have always worked with small series of mochilas.
Wayuu women do not have the capacity to manufacture on a large scale...and that's a good thing! Producing the same bag 10,000 times, even if it pleases, is part of a logic that is not ours.
With unique pieces, we want to preserve Wayuu know-how but above all the creativity of the weavers.
MAZONIA is based on human relationships and our motto has not changed: Time - Talent - Tradition.

“One date, one opportunity, only one copy”

Don't miss this unprecedented event in the history of fashion.
See you Friday at 6 p.m. sharp for the LIVE of unique pieces! We can't wait! :)

Link to the Mazonia mochilas Facebook live
Link to the Instagram live of Mazonia mochilas

With much love,


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